Meditation of Stars in the Sky- Dr Pranav Pandya

Adarniya Dr Saheb conducted a class on meditation at DSVV. during the Q/A session in the beginning, he explained the importance and benefits of Naad Yog meditation that is practiced in DSVV and Shantikunj each evening at 6:00 p.m. daily. He mentioned that Pujya Gurudev has given such a graet importance to the daily practice of Naad Yog Sadhna that even when Pujya Gurudev left his body in 1990, not only Naad yog was not stopped on that day, everyone waited for Naddyog to be completed before giving “अग्निदाह” (starting fire) to his body.

Talking bout meditation, he said that one must develop the courage and will to go deeper into the meditaiton and when one learns how to go deeper, he/she develops ” पात्रता” ( capability) to know about self ( including past lives) as well as personality of others. “धारणा” (concentration) is a very important aspect of meditation. “ध्यान लगता नहीं क्योकि हमारी धारणा बनी नहीं है | (The reason we can not do good meditation is because we have not focused on improving our concentration). Our चित्त (inner self) is filled with our attachments and desires and we must learned to empty it out with good thoughts and good company. He also mentioned that Meditation on Star can be very powerful for spiritual growth and coundcted a guided meditation on stars in the sky ( तारों का ध्यान)

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