Ganga Safai by Gayatri Pariwar on October 22, 2011

Ganga Safai by Gayatri Pariwar

Janma Shatabdi Mahotsav Preperations

Dr. Pranav Pandya at Seminar on ‘Problems of Today, Solutions for Tomorrow’ – Delhi

On 24th of September, 2011, a seminar “Problems of Today – Solutions for Tomorrow” was organized in Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi and it was attended by many prominent personalities. The program started by a pragya songs by Shantikunj toli members. the program was anchored by Shri K P Dubeyji. In the beginning of the program, Adarniya Dr Saheb shared Pujya Gurudev’s life story and illustrating the importance of Akhand Jyoti magazine, he quoted Gurudev – “अखंड ज्योति के माध्यम से में पूरी दुनिया को बदलने आया हूँ |”

After thought provoking speeches of Mrs. Dr Gyansudha Mishra (Justice, Supreme Court of India) and Shri R C Lahoti Ji (Former Chief Justice of India), Adarniya Dr Saheb concluded the program with a special message to everyone. Giving an example of Bhuddha and how a bride and groom whose marriage ceremony he attended became Bhikshu just after their wedding, Ad Dr Saheb announced that the audience has no choice but to join with the Gayatri. (आप सब गायत्री के साथ जुड़ जाओंगे).
He ended his speech with a very powerful message in form of the following poem.

कितनी ही चौड़ी हो अँधेरे कि छाती |     याद रखना रोशनी का नन्हा दिया मुंग छाती पर दलेगा ||

पूछते हो प्रश्न कैसे तम का यह पर्वत हिलेगा ? |अरे एक दीपक तो जलाओ प्रश्न का उत्तर मिलेगा ||

Ashwin Navratri Day 1 (28th Sept, 2011)

Lecture on ‘Devasur Sampad Vibhag Yog’ 

Ashwin Navratri Day 1 (28th Sept, 2011)

Meditation of Stars in the Sky- Dr Pranav Pandya

Adarniya Dr Saheb conducted a class on meditation at DSVV. during the Q/A session in the beginning, he explained the importance and benefits of Naad Yog meditation that is practiced in DSVV and Shantikunj each evening at 6:00 p.m. daily. He mentioned that Pujya Gurudev has given such a graet importance to the daily practice of Naad Yog Sadhna that even when Pujya Gurudev left his body in 1990, not only Naad yog was not stopped on that day, everyone waited for Naddyog to be completed before giving “अग्निदाह” (starting fire) to his body.

Talking bout meditation, he said that one must develop the courage and will to go deeper into the meditaiton and when one learns how to go deeper, he/she develops ” पात्रता” ( capability) to know about self ( including past lives) as well as personality of others. “धारणा” (concentration) is a very important aspect of meditation. “ध्यान लगता नहीं क्योकि हमारी धारणा बनी नहीं है | (The reason we can not do good meditation is because we have not focused on improving our concentration). Our चित्त (inner self) is filled with our attachments and desires and we must learned to empty it out with good thoughts and good company. He also mentioned that Meditation on Star can be very powerful for spiritual growth and coundcted a guided meditation on stars in the sky ( तारों का ध्यान)

Law of Karma lecture of Adarniya Dr Pranav Pandyaji

On September 4, Adarniya Dr Saheb gave a lecture on “Karma and Kaal(time)” at DSVV as part of Yug Gita lecture series.

In this lecture, he said that actions( Karma) always produces result/reaction (Karma Fal) but the results  for a specific Karma are governed by Kaal (time) and he shared a very inspiring Puranik story of Rishi “Kashyap” and his two wives “Kadru” and “Vinita” to illustrate “कर्म  के  क्षेत्र  मे  जल्दबाजी  कभी  नहीं  करना  चाहिए “. (One must not hurry and must await  for appropriate time for result of Karma to manifest). Adarniya Dr Saheb also asked all listener to raise themselves on the height of consciousness which is achieved only  when we become “अनासक्त” (let go our worldly attachments) and to do self evaluation to check if we seek name, fame or recognition when we do mission’s work. Adarniy Dr Saheb also talked about the sahastra kundi yagna of 1958 and it’s long term achievements that were the results of Pujya Gurudev’s  Tap (karma) of 24 Mahapurusharns.

In this lecture, Adarniya Dr Saheb also shared his meeting with His Holiness Dalai Lama a few days ago and meeting a nine year old  “Telugu”  girl who lives with him. This girl remembered her past lives at very young age and realized that herself and Dalai Lama were disciples of “Lahari Mahashaya” (Dada Guru of Pramahansa Yogananda who wrote the famous book- Autobioraphy of a Yogi”). At the age of six or seven, she first came to Shantikunj and then went to Dharmashala to meet Dalai Lama and since then she has been staying with him and doing Yagna for the long life of Dalai Lamaji. With this example, Adarniya Dr Saheb also mentioned that there are no differences between religions the way we see them and one can be Hindu in one life and can be Buddhist in the next. 

Talking about the power of Tap (Karma done for welfare of others without attachment), he gave an example of Raja Chakrven,  who lived on limited income from self-farming rather than using the resources from his kingdom and due to his tap, his tap shakti was able to win over King  Ravan of Lanka and announced that it is due to Tap that is done by Anna Hazareji throughout his life, his movement will make long lasting impact on the future of India. Further talking about Tap, he commented that Gurudev’s tap of living on “जव कि रोटी “ for 24 years created Spiritual energy but “ हमारा तप चाट- पकोड़ी वाला है” and that is why it is not effective. 

He also gave an example of what happens when we do not listen to the advise of Gurudev. One person came to Shantikunj to do Navratri Sadhna and Pujya Gurudev asked him not to do “Sakkam Sadhna”( Spiritual practice focused to achieve a worldly goal) and only do “Nishkam Sahdna” but he did not listen to Pujya Gurudev and did his “sadhna” with the goal of having a son. A son was born but  he lived a very short life as predicted by Pujya Gurudev.  

Youth Camp Surat 2010 Yuva Utkarsha

ડો. પ્રણવ પંડયા સ્પીચ, અખિલ વિશ્વ ગાયત્રી પરિવાર, શાંતિકુંજ, ગુજરાત મુખ્યમંત્રીશ્રી નરેન્દ્ર મોદી સ્પીચ : યોગા પરફોર્મંસ ફ્રોમ સ્ટુડન્ટ ઓફ દેવ સંસ્કૃતિ વિશ્વ વિદ્યાલય, હરિદ્વાર : ભારત

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